Origin of Spaces Resources

The Origin of Spaces Research Report;

Overview of Project; CoCreating CoWorking Spaces (curated conversation) 

Overview of Toolbox#oosEU Toolbox (curated conversation) 

Toolbox Needs Analysis; Context is Queen (outline of Learning Design) 

Other Online Resources 

Film about Darwin on Deutche Welle TV

Capture Projects page on

10 Steps to the Perfect CoWorking Space

Global CoWorking Survey 2012

Academic & Other Resources

Multidisciplinary CoWorking

CoWorking Daily

How to take pictures of CoWorking Spaces

Ecological Transition

The Natural Step (strategic sustainable development)

Make Do and Mend Solving Placelessness through Emboded Environmental Engagement by Isis Brooks


Toolbox Vision Document (in Google Docs)

Digital Platforms (6) (on Capture)

Bibblio on Heutagogy

MOOCs COOCS P2PU Coursera Futurelearn

WordPress Introduction to WordPress (this Third Place EU blog)

Stigmergy (Fernando) Video

Hackathon – What makes an awesome hackathon (quora)  HackDay Manifesto

Digital Badging of Informal Learning at Open Learn (Open University) by Hannah Gore