Distributed Open Online Discussion – learning environment

Running October 5th – 9th 2015

Introducing the Origin of Spaces Toolbox through an online Discussion; this blog supports the process of building a toolbox for the Origin of Spaces project. We have just published a summary review of the research will provide the basis for this weeks DOODle. The toolbox will be developed from this research, which has been carried out into the 5 themes of the project. Each theme will be the focus of discussion for one day, as follows;


Monday October 5th; Multidisciplinary CoWorking – lead partner LX Factory Lisboa – Now available for discussion here

Tuesday October 6th; Local Partnerships – lead partner ZAWP Bilbao – Now available for discussion here

Wednesday October 7th; Ecological Transitions – lead partner Darwin Bordeaux – Now available for discussion here

Thursday October 8th; Participatory Governance – lead partner Rojc Pula

Friday October 9th; Social Entrepreneurship – lead partner Capture Projects London

The Purpose of the DOODle is to share what we have found about our five themes and to be open to what others have found, what the practice of others is, and also to discover existing resources which might help people develop their own “third spaces” for work, creativity.

Share With US! As ZAWP have said in describing their work; “Economical sustainability and livelihoods are the challenge. Challenging local partnerships, collaborations beyond international boundaries, learning from activities which both succeed and fail. Private, public and isolated entrepreneur management are taken into account in order to regenerate the neighbourhood.”As we share our practice with you we would like you to Share your practice with us!…

Taking Part; If you would like to take part please post any ideas, or links to your own work, on the blogpost relating to the key theme of the day

Background Information on the Origin of Spaces project can be found in the presentation CoCreating CoWorking Spaces. Wikipedia definitions available for CoWorkingPartnerships, Ecological Transitions (Ecosystem), Participatory Governance (Participatory Democracy) and Third Place. Comments also welcome on Multidisciplinary CoWorkingLocal Partnerships and Ecological Transitions. More information available in the Glossary & Resources sections.