What is an RSA Animate?

Video animations of Ideas, Reports and Presentations

RSA Animates are video animations of talks given at the RSA (the Royal Society of Arts – of which I am a Fellow) by notable people. They are a kind of visual minutes for people who missed the talk. They have been found to both clarify the talk and usefully summarise quite complex subjects for people coming across new ideas for the first time.

Possibly the most famous one is by Ken Robinson (author of the most watched TED talk ever “Do Schools Kill Creativity”) called Changing Education Paradigms

Other approaches… Have been identified by Creative Connections in their Social Animations proposal.

Check the embedded links to see the following examples on Page 22 in this PDF

2D – Character Animation

Fine Line Animation 2D

Stop Frame / Live

Mixed Media

Social Media Shorts

Material and Aesthetics

Rich Picture






Possible Script for #oosEU Animate

The Origin of Spaces video script

Our planet is full of beautiful surprises, as well as the unintended consequences of human behaviours.

Whether this makes you sad or pleases you, some of us in Europe think we can co-create the world afresh through new skills and capabilities we can develop and share


entrepreneurial CoWorking, through friendships and partnerships, through socialising and enabling transitions to a socially just and ecologically-balanced world where we can live the life we choose to design for all of us… (85)

Some of us can be social entrepreneurs with the self-confidence to believe in risking-taking, learning from our mistakes, and the determination to create a new social economics

Some of us can open a “factory full of ideas and creativity” where heritage lives alongside tech and creative start-ups, which can evolve into working and living communities

Some of us can create Tiers Lieux, third places to help green workplaces and help transition to a cohesive and balanced global eco-system

Some of us can create new partnerships in our locality, moving from action to process to engage and transform urban planning, all inspired by just one train drivers dream

Some of us can help create a new Civil Society for the 21st century, inhaling new creative energies from fellow artists, activists and NGOs and inspiring others in the participatory governance of an occupied military installation from where we can inspire the rebuilding of our town

And together we can build the world we want to live in…

Come and join us and find out who you are…

Then inspire the people all around you

To work with you on your own terms 




Toolbox Building

Toolbox Building 

DOODLE Week October 5th – 9th 2015

The Origins of Spaces project, which runs from October 2014 to October 2017, has completed its first year, which was concerned with research. The project has a focus on how abandoned urban spaces can be transformed into “third places” that can be used to build a next generation self-organised economy.

Because we have 5 project partners, each of whom have a key strength that has been critical to their own development, we have focussed our research on these key areas. These five themes will provide the basis for the development of the toolbox over the next 12 months.

This week we are sharing what we have discovered around our 5 themes, on the following schedule;

Monday October 5th; Multidisciplinary CoWorking – lead partner LX Factory Lisboa

Tuesday October 6th; Local Partnerships – lead partner ZAWP Bilbao

Wednesday October 7th; Ecological Transitions – lead partner Darwin Bilbao

Thursday October 8th; Participatory Governance – lead partner Rojc Pula

Friday October 9th; Social Entrepreneurship – lead partner Capture Arts London

Each lead partner has supplied a 200 word summary of what their work concerns, which will be the basis of our daily discussion.

The blog also supports pages on resources and glossary which we will develop in parallel to the discussions.