This blog is to support the development of the Toolbox for the EU Origin of Spaces project.

Currently in November 2016 we are working on final elements of the Toolbox build with log from LX Factory, scripting videos for each theme and updating theme contents…

Previously; During the week from Monday October 5th 2015 until Friday October 9th 2015 we will be sharing the findings of the research phase on our five key themes with the following schedule;

Monday; Multidisciplinary CoWorking (lead partner LX Factory in Lisboa)

Tuesday; Local Partnerships (lead partner ZAWP in Bilbao)

Wednesday; Ecological Transitions (lead partner Darwin in Bordeaux)

Thursday; Participatory Governance (lead partner Rojc in Pula)

Friday; Social Entrepreneurship (Lead partner Capture Projects (Lewisham) in London)

The basis of the weeks discussion will be summaries of their work provide by each project partner and produced as part of the research phase of the project

Taking Part; If you would like to take part please post any ideas, or links to your own work, on the blogpost relating to the key theme of the day.

The blog also supports pages about the partners, and on resources and glossary which we will develop in parallel to the discussions.

We already have some resources about the project developed internally. A curated conversation on what we wish to achieve in the project called CoCreating CoWorking Spaces. Another curated conversation on what we hope to achieve with the toolbox over the next 12 months (October 2015 to October 2016) called #oosEU Toolbox. And then a fuller discussion about the Toolbox design based on the Toolbox Needs Analysis called Context is Queen, which is also an outline of the possible Learning Design of the resource.

Latest blog post – Oct 5th Multidisciplinary CoWorking – now available for discussion…


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