Podcasts for #SocEnt

Getting started in Social Enterprise

The Toolbox; We are building a toolbox to help people who want to be social entrepreneurs. More information on the #oosEU Toolbox here.

Podcasts on Social Enterprise; We are collecting links to useful podcasts on social enterprise, and related topics. We prefer podcasts with a European perspective, but useful American links will be included of course.

Guardian Social Enterprise Podcast; The Guardian Sustainable Business resource has a very useful Social Enterprise blog

Current podcast #13 This is on “Starting Up a Social Enterprise” It lasts for 36 minutes and features the following interviews; 2.20: Andrew Cook – enterprise adviser at Inspire2Enterprise, Teresa Burton – chief executive and co-founder of Buzzbnk and Servane Mouazan – director at Ogunte
13.55: Alex Mitchell founder of Young Brits and Sarah Sharlott – chief executive of Realise Futures
25.00: Dan Lehner – head of ventures at UnLtd

List of Podcasts (so far); 

ImpactQ (new – UK) – Full list of 4 podcasts

Guardian Social Enterprise #13 – Setting up a social enterprise

Guardian Social Enterprise #11 – Co-operatives and Mutuals

Sprout Summit (Australia) – Full list of Podcasts

Entrepreneurial Spark (USA)- list of podcasts for StartUps

Social Entrepreneur Podcast (USA) – on Twitter

We are gathering a list of #socent podcasts;

Please add your podcast in the comments section below – thank you!




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