Toolbox Planning (Lisboa)

Some Resources for Toolbox Planning

I have prepared a set of slides covering the topics; this page adds links from those slides;

These are the resources we will link to on planning days October 14/15

Toolbox Vision

Presentation on Workshop Themes (October 14/15)

Toolbox Vision Document (in Google Docs)

5 Themes

Multidisciplinary CoWorking (lead partner LX Factory in Lisboa)

Local Partnerships (lead partner ZAWP in Bilbao)

Ecological Transitions (lead partner Darwin in Bordeaux)

Participatory Governance (lead partner Rojc in Pula)

Social Entrepreneurship (Lead partner Capture Projects (Lewisham) in London)

Digital Platforms (6) (on Capture)

Bibblio on Heutagogy Bibblio Intro

MOOCs COOCS P2PU Coursera Futurelearn

WordPress Introduction to WordPress (this Third Place EU blog)

Stigmergy (Fernando) Video > Stigmergy as an image…

Hackathon – What makes an awesome hackathon (quora)  HackDay Manifesto

Questions? 1. Shouldn’t the EU have a hosting platform for Erasmus projects? 2. Who owns the copyright on what we produce – use of Creative Commons? 3. Who decides branding? Technical team or Visual Team or both?


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